Friday, August 1, 2014

Scarlet Letter

dress Romwe • leggings Mango • shoes Rajo x Parisian

I've been dressing up in the office lately for no apparent reason. I just miss the feeling of prepping up, putting my make-up on, and looking forward to taking photos at the end of the day. It seemed shallow but it's one of the few things women love to do. I don't know, maybe some will think it's pure vanity. But most of us use it as a means to boost our self-confidence and to feel good about ourselves. It is not about the narcissistic satisfaction (well, for me, at least), it's about fighting your inner demons and a bit of raging hormones.

Recently, stress has been taking over. I felt so tired and haggard from battling everyday responsibilities that sometimes I tend to neglect the most important thing: myself

ring Forever 21 • watch Aldo

charm bracelet Sincerely Sweet Boutique

silver ring with sapphire stone Gems Gallery

Now that I mentioned it, I will do my best to feel better and put myself first. I will get my mojo back and I will embrace the beauty of it. I vow to appreciate myself more like what I do before. I guess that should do the trick and you guys, should, too. Feel comfortable with your own skin and just love yourself more. Pamper yourself, wear heels, put make-up on. Just do what will make you happy! :)

Have a great day everyone!

(Photos by Nike of The ElectroMagnetChick -- don't forget to join her comic giveaway!)

PS. By the way, the title is no way related to Nathaniel Hawthorne's book. Just related it to the main shade of this look.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nail Files: Caronia Chasse

Something blue. Making it a twice a month routine, I had my nails cleaned and painted again last night at Sublime Salon and Spa. I suddenly had this icky feeling when I saw them chipping off. Clearly, I am changing my ways. Moreover, the gloomy days aren't over yet and this primary color is usually associated with sadness but I chose a richer and a more cheery shade.

Anyway, have a great day! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrating the Dark Knight

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a loyal fan of Batman. I'm not saying I am a Batman trivia master nor have I ever read the comic books, but I've always loved watching his films (and now, I'm looking forward to a new TV series called Gotham.) I don't care if he can't fly or if he doesn't have superhuman strength, but what attracted me to him is his knowledge and brilliance. Moving on, FullyBooked celebrated Batman Day yesterday!
It was Batman's 75th anniversary last July 23 but since it was a weekday, FullyBooked decided to hold it yesterday so that more people, especially those fans who have work and school, can attend. Bookstores and comic shops all over the world will be giving away this anniversary issue, Detective Comics #27, and we were lucky enough to be included!
My friend, Nike of The ElectroMagnetChickher brothers, and I arrived at around 9AM at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. The line was already so long, and I heard one of the book store's employees mentioned that people started lining up before they can even prepare the place. According to her, people started lining up as early as 6AM. This was also because Fully Booked gave away some Batman surprise to the first 75 people to line up.
denim jacket Bay Hill • orange flats H&M

As we entered Fully Booked, a huge Batman display was already on plain sight. It shows the different logos and looks of Batman.

After we took a photo with Batman, we saw the pile of comic books waiting to be given away to the fans. It includes a batarang to be enjoyed by the Dark Knight enthusiasts.

There was a crew waiting for fans who are interested in mimicking Batman's voice on the first floor. Those who will join will get a freebie.
We were directed to go up to the fourth floor to see more of what's in store for us.

The first booth held some local artists. You can get a blank comic book and let them draw your character of choice. As someone who doesn't have a talent in painting or drawing, I was clearly in awe of their works.

Batman toys from various brands were also displayed on a shelf near the comic artists' booth. 

It was delightful to see a crowd wearing different Batman shirts to give honor to the Dark Knight. I'm also glad to know that some fans who just met in line became friends due to the same interests. 
And yes, all graphic novels and comic books were on sale at 20% off that day! A board and cover were also available for purchase to protect your free comic book. A free Batman mask was also given away. Just tell them you're Batman in a deep and husky voice while wearing the mask. A trivia contest was also held in the afternoon.

Not only Fully Booked gave away free comics and batarangs, but they also got some Gotham doughnuts to share! Sweet!

It was another event to remember! This made me have this stronger urge to read comic books. I've always wanted to and maybe this can be the start of it. Thanks again, Fully Booked, for an awesome event and for celebrating the Dark Knight's 75th anniversary!

Happy Batman Day! :)

(Photos without watermark by Nike)
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