Friday, October 24, 2014

Oasap Sweater Weather Giveaway

Are you feeling the cool breeze now that we are close to the holiday season? All I can think about how it's nice to wear loose clothing and just enjoy the sweater weather. Well, you're all in luck because together with Oasap, I'll be hosting a Sweater Weather Giveaway! It's been a while that's why I'm so excited to share one with you right now. All you have to do is follow the instructions below to win a sweater of your choice among the five selected sweaters below. You can check them out by clicking their names.

What you need to do to participate:
1. Register at OASAP if you haven't already
2. Follow my blog, Style Reader via Bloglovin or Blogger via GFC (see sidebar)
3. Leave a comment below with the email address you used to register on OASAP, your name, your Bloglovin/GFC name and your choice of sweater.

This giveaway ends in 8 days! This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Walking Dead's Charlie Adlard Live in Manila

In lieu of the Season 5 premiere of The Walking Dead, I decided to share my first comic book signing event with Charlie Adlard, a comic artist for the series. I asked my best bud, Nike of the ElectroMagnetChick to tag along since she loves zombies, the comics, and the TV show. She also joined the contest wherein you can win a meet and greet with Charlie Adlard, and she was so lucky to have won it.
As we were waiting for the event to start, we first strolled around the area and actually had the time to play toys to kill time. That's how kids at heart roll. :P
Hello to you, too!

A few minutes before the event started, we went back to Fully Booked at the Fort and this beautiful book mural welcomed us. We waited and sat in front, and we were too giddy for it to start.
Charlie Adlard came out and we all sat up straight to see him and listen to what he got to say. Guests and fans were given the chance to ask him questions about his personal life, works, The Walking Dead comics and TV series, and some advices for aspiring comic book artists.
It was really a thrill to see him in person, and it was also amusing to watch him talk and share all his experiences. Plus, you gotta love his humor. He was clearly a charming speaker.
What delighted the fans more was when he started to sign the books. Of course, my bff was the first one to got her comic book signed since she was early and one of the winners. Call it first dibs!
Anyhow, almost all of the fans asked him to draw on their comic books and we watched him as he etched familiar characters.
The guy before me asked him to draw Carl and it was amazing. I was totally mind blown that day. The contrast of black and silver was just perfect, and his talent is just incredible.
It was my turn to get my comic book signed, and I was beyond ecstatic! But as usual, I was too shy so all I said was that I like his works and they were amazing. Can you spot my name? :)
So he asked me what character I would like for him to draw. I told him my favorite is Michonne.

I watched the whole process on how he did it and it was awesome! His work was perfect and at first, you wouldn't even see the whole picture. But after he was done, all I can say was wow. Even though he drew Michonne several times during the comic book signing, you will never get tired of seeing him do it every single time...again and again.

So happy to have met Charlie Adlard. It was definitely an unlocked achievement!
Aside from fangirling and the comic book signing, we also witnessed Charlie Adlard's act of kindness. We saw him donate money to the GMA Foundation to help the Yolanda survivors. Such a cool, simple, and humble guy!
And here's a mandatory selfie from us! :P
Say hello to Michonne! Gotta get back to work now! Have a great day everyone! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Avon Pink WAR

I'm proud to say that I've been up since 3 o'clock and I haven't even rested yet. You know what they say, you should be proud of your eye bags because you worked hard for it. LOL. I couldn't even sleep. I tried but my mind's too energetic to be productive today. So just let me tell you what I have been up to today. You may be wondering why I was awake during the ungodly hours.
This was because I attended and covered the Avon Pink War which I have mentioned here. Overworking myself yesterday didn't help my case but I had to fight the drowsy feeling. Anyway, the event started off with the 10k runners including Solenn Heussaff, Rocco Nacino, Erwan Heussaff, and other celebrities then it was followed by those who joined the 5k run with Kris Bernal.
Together with my colleague, I waited inside the VIP tent and was being amused by how cheery and lively the Unang Hirit hosts were.

As everyone was preparing, we noticed that one of the hosts, Regine Tolentino was making a DIY trick on her shirt, and it was on the spot! How creative!
When most of the runners already returned to the venue, the Avon Pink WAR kicked off with a Zumba dance warm-up exercise led by Ms. Regine Tolentino.
She was definitely a graceful dancer.
Spotted: Chef, Blogger of The Fat Kid Inside, and Anne Curtis Smith's beau Erwan Heussaff also ran to support her sister's advocacy.
It was fun and entertaining to watch Nico Bolzico and Adrien Semblat, dancing and goofing off together without feeling embarrassed.
The BB. Pilipinas winners also joined the cause.
The La Salle hirits of the hosts were too funny that I also found myself laughing.

Ms. Emie Nierves, the General Manager & Executive Director for Sales & Operations of Avon Philippines took the stage for the opening remarks.
She stayed on the stage with hosts Lyn Ching and Luane Dy, and KGBC Ambassador Solenn Heussaff to award the Walk and Run winners.

Later on, Dr. Rachel Rosario was called to inform the crowd the importance of self-examination and also taught the crowd how to check themselves.
She also mentioned the importance of checking it before your monthly period, and once a month for those who already reached the menopausal stage.
My companions for the day: my mom (the lovely lady with the cap), and her friends, Tita Helen, Ate Terry, and Ate Lani. Thank you for joining! :)
We also came across with Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago.
After the Check Yourself 101, Solenn, Regine, Kris, and Rocco took the stage to do a Dibdiban dance tutorial. 

After that, we ran to the starting line to cover the walk before it commenced and look what we've found: the Avon Pink WAR mobile!
It was really so pretty in pink with camouflage details!

We ended the event with a bang and a shower of pink confetti. I hope all those who joined not only registered for fun and for the celebrities but to really see the importance of spreading awareness, and that early detection is really the key to save more lives. Let us continue this advocacy all through out the month of October!

Hope you all had a great weekend! :)
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