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Top 10 Books That Have Stayed with Me in Some Way

Last night, I received a notification on Facebook from a couple of my friends--myself being tagged on their statuses. I thought it would be contain a random musing or some inside joke. But I was surprised to see that it was "book-related." I'm so excited to answer it and for today's quick post, I will be sharing my list. Oh and since my work's focus is on social media, why not spread this short but beautiful way to share your literary favorites. Here we go!

I've been nominated by my friends, Ms. Yette and Frankie Torres of A Roaming Tsinay to list 10 books that have stayed with me in some way. Then I have to tag them and 10 people to do the same. Rules: Don't take more than a few minutes and do not think too hard. They do not have to be right and great works of literature. (But to turn it up a notch, maybe you can share a line or two on why these books stayed with you.)
1. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli
This book taught me that it's okay to be different and to want other things, and that you don't have to conform to fit in. It also taught me to embrace my weirdness and that this actually makes me even more awesome!

Proof that pictures are worth a thousand words or a whole novel. Kidding aside, it showed me how strong the power of imagination is.

3. Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
It made me appreciate how to have fun even at this age. It reminded me how to be young and how to be kid again.

We all have our inner princesses.

There are different kinds of pain we'll go through and every person has their own way of dealing with it. If you are in the process of healing, you don't have to rush it. You can take all the time in the world to make yourself whole again.

I grew up with this series. It opened my mind to a wider perspective and that there is more to it than a story about a boy and the wizarding world (I'm looking at you old, judgy, close-minded people who tried to stop us from reading this amazing series), and that you always have a choice. Thank you for making me believe in magic.

7. The 39 Clues
Do not underestimate the young ones, and of course, being smart is cool. Plus, facts and general knowledge is also fun and easy if you know how to find the clues. *wink wink*

8. Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan
I love Greek/Roman mythology and this is a fun way to put it!

Information is vital in the digital age. You must know how to use and wield it, and don't forget that you should also know your intellectual property rights.

This book taught me that all your decisions in life have certain consequences. Choose wisely because once you've made a choice, you can never go back to change it.

Now for the blogs and friends I nominate:
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Can't wait to see your answers guys! Hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did! Let's make it viral!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Avon Sweet Honesty Press Launch: Julia Montes

Aside from writing, one of the many perks of my work is attending all sorts of events. My August's last few days definitely ended with a bang and was jam-packed with unforgettable events that my younger self would have not imagined attending. Last August 20, I had the privilege to cover Avon's Sweet Honesty Press Launch for their new brand ambassador, Julia Montes at the Parallax Studio in Makati.
Sweet Honesty has been around for years. It depicts innocence, love, and meaningful memories that will always bring nostalgia to us every now and then.

Over the years, Avon Fragrances change their looks, evolving to newer ones to adapt to what's current and at the same time, deliver the scents we loved.
Here are the various looks of the Avon Fragrances through the years!

The place was adorned with flowers making it look like a garden that is full of promises. The tables were also covered with floral printed cloths. It was full of pinks and lavenders to have that ambience fit for the brand.

The first room had cocktail tables all over for the guests to stay and chat. There were drinks graced with petals to captivate the guests as we waited for the event to start. There were three tables in the middle that also had different themes if you look closely, and were decorated with assorted glasses and vases.
To start the press launch, the President and General Manager of Avon Philippines, Julie Tatarczuck introduced us to the sweet journey of the country's favorite fragrance.
She was later on followed by Mr. Philippe Paparella, a famous perfumer from Paris, France. As someone who specializes in perfumery, he is definitely the perfect person to make us understand Sweet Honesty more.
What I love about this perfume line is that it has a story. A tale that everyone or most of us had already experience one way or another. It has three variants and these will somehow show the stages, well at least for me! Read on to know more!
The first one is the Sweet Honesty Classic. It is the most popular among all three. It smells like vanilla and powder altogether, giving it a very light scent. It signifies a playful yet innocent, first love. Sweet Honesty Classic will remind you of the first glances, the first kilig moments, the first dates, and the blissful feeling of not being able to define or understand things just yet but you know that it definitely brings you joy. You know you don't want it to end, and you also can't wait for the unknown--for the limitless possibilities it will give you.
The second one is Sweet Honesty Moments. Its scent will bring you to the path of chances and surprises that will lead you to love. Imagine reaching every milestone, conquering new heights, experiencing new adventures, exploring new horizons, and just reaching the brink of love every single one of us has been trying to define. It signifies the memories you accumulate during the process, and you just want to keep going.
Every girl wants to have true love because in some ways, it also means forever. Something that will last that long is Sweet Honesty Forever, which is the third variant of the perfume line. It is like an endless romance that you will truly cherish and embrace. It an infinite feeling that you will hold on to, and will never let go. It is the last leg of the race but it doesn't mean it is the end. It's just another sweet journey to embark on.
As we enter the second room, this guy will hand all the beautiful women a bouquet of roses each as a sign of appreciation.
The dining table had these sweet nothings, from flowers to adorable stuffed toys, to romantic novels, and handwritten cards and letters.
Before the lunch started, Mr. Philippe Paparella informed the guests that there was more to a perfume than it meets the senses. Usually we just smell its scent and spray it if we liked it. But little did we know that there's actually a science and a story behind every fragrance we encounter.
He dissected the content of Sweet Honesty, as in all its ingredients! He will pass on papers soaked in one scent to another so we can try each of them. I remember liking this raspberry-ish scent. I think it was the third strip of paper handed to me. Then after we received them all, Philippe asked us to fan the strip of papers altogether and voila, it really was Sweet Honesty when combined. It made me want to study perfumery also and maybe someday, I can make my own perfume! Haha! But wow, I was mindblown by the experience.
Finally the lunch commenced with the introduction of celebrity chef, Sau del Rosario, on the sumptuous meals he prepared for us all.
I like this one! The fresh and milky taste of salmon combined with this very sweet sauce. Oh it was delicious!

The time has come to introduce Avon's newest brand ambassador, Julia Montes. I've seen her grew up to this blossoming young lady that she is now through the local television. From her Going Bulilit days to being a sought after leading actress in late night telenovelas. She was first known for her maldita role as Clara in the new adaptation of the longest running TV drama series back in the nineties. This paved way for her as a strong and talented actress. Now, she had portrayed numerous roles varying from a sweet lady to a strong-willed woman.
In person, she was totally different from all the roles I've seen. Julia is very sweet, and yet surprisingly, very shy. Who would've thought that such a talented actress would get jitters before a show, or has a fear of talking in front of a large crowd. She had to summon all the courage she could have just to speak in front of numerous people, with their eyes all on her. But she was able to nail it brilliantly in just one go. 
As I have observed from a far, Julia was definitely the perfect fit for Sweet Honesty. She embodies the message Sweet Honesty wants to relay to everyone. From the way she talks and converse, I believe that she is genuine and still a kid at heart.
Julia invited us to the third room to have desserts and so that people from the media and press can talk to her about Sweet Honesty and Avon. It was refreshing to know that she also grew up with the brand. She was proud to be a fan of Sweet Honesty because she feels more confident with it and feels more beautiful wearing it, plus it lasts for a long period of time. She even reiterated that she loved rubbing her wrist on the brochure just to get a whiff of the Avon fragrance.

Julia Montes with Julie Tatarczuck, the President and General Manager of Avon Philippines.
Here's Julia browsing the Avon brochure while waiting for her Twitter Party to start. Speaking of the brochure, the September 1-15 issue with the Sweet Honesty cover is out now! See some of the outtakes for the brochure below:
(Source: The Female Network)
 (Source: The Female Network)
(Source: The Female Network)
L-R: Mara Ruiz, the Digital Marketing Lead of Avon Philippines, Sweet Honesty brand ambassador Julia Montes, my colleague David Alvarado, and yours truly. :)
For more updates and to know more about their latest products, follow Avon Philippines here:

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bangkok 2014: Day 4

Bidding farewell is always the most difficult thing to do especially when you're about to leave a place you started to fell in love with. Well, maybe for Helen & Nike. Because I have already established a long distance relationship with Bangkok. He's always waiting for me to return. Kidding aside, I still feel a pang of separation of anxiety whenever I leave the place. Sometimes, I feel like staying longer and have this strong urge to not return to my country but it's just an escape from reality. I always have to go back.
Like most trips, it always has to end, one way or another. But in a more positive note, this only gives you hope to travel more and to long for more places to conquer.
Random: a book I haven't read yet but surely want to.
But more than that, the travel experience will not be worthwhile if you don't have great companions with you. I know for sure that our friendship grew in this trip. It's always great to share an experience with people who will appreciate it with you.

I can't wait for my next trip, whether abroad or just here in the Philippines. I'm itching to ride the plane again to somewhere new to me and see it, finally, with my own eyes. I can't wait to see the different cultures and traditions, to hear the different languages like music to my ears, to step in a new land, and to set forth to a new adventure!

Here's to wandering and getting lost! Cheers!

(Photos by Nike of the ElectroMagnetChick & Helen of Wanderlen)

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